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E4 Carolinas Energy Innovation Conference: Getting to 2050


Date: August 14, 2020

An overwhelming majority of Carolina consumers are served by power suppliers having adopted voluntary goals of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This conference will take an objective look at integrating additional renewable resources, the evolving role of natural gas, re-licensing emission free nuclear generation and developing next generation technologies, including advanced nuclear and carbon capture. Experts and executives will discuss how these technologies and beneficial electrification can be employed to reduce carbon emissions and affordability and reliability considerations. Perspective will also be provided on how coal plant retirement scenarios, large customer sustainability goals, public sentiment, and potential state and federal policies may shape our path to 2050. Free participation is sponsored by Duke Energy and the North Carolina Electric Cooperatives.


Please register to participate in the conference via this EVENTBRITE ANNOUNCEMENT.


This conference will be produced on the Web-ex platform and may be accessed via any connected device’s browser. Prior to the conference you’ll be provided instructions on how to access the conference.

10:00 am              Welcome/Safety Minute/Self Introductions/Program Overview (15 min.) – David Doctor, Chief Executive Officer, E4 Carolinas with our sponsors: Duke Energy and the North Carolina Electric Cooperatives

10:15 am              The Generation Portfolio: Evolving Toward “Tomorrow” - The panelists will present an overview of the Carolinas’ current generation portfolio and how that portfolio will likely change as we advance toward a net zero carbon future and achievement of other state-specific priorities. The evolving roles of coal, natural gas, solar, onshore wind, offshore wind, energy storage and nuclear will be explored. 

11:45 pm              Break (15 min.)

12:00 pm              Beyond the Generation Portfolio: Our Evolving Infrastructure, Our Evolving Grids - The panelists will highlight the importance of non-generation infrastructure – both on the electric grid itself as well as infrastructure beyond the grid that complements grid reliability and resiliency. The panelists will discuss the roles of energy storage, energy efficiency, demand response, grid resiliency, gas infrastructure and carbon capture for achieving policy goals.

12:45 pm              Beyond Assets: Additional Considerations for Getting to 2050 - The pathway to 2050 will likely involve navigating trade-offs (e.g., carbon versus cost versus rapid buildout) and other considerations, including customer preferences and clean energy goals, electrification of transportation and industrial processes, and commercialization of enabling technologies. 

2:15 pm                Closing Remarks/Conference Concludes