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Energy Office Responds to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

During this unprecedented time surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff – Energy Office (Energy Office) is here to help you navigate our programs and initiatives. As described in our previous update, our team is adjusting as needed to these rapidly changing circumstances.

In the interest of public health and safety, we have made several adjustments to how we work:

Development of the State Energy PlanContinuing, with changes

  • Energy Efficiency (EE) Roadmap: Our work continues, but meetings are being held remotely. We will continue to adjust our timeline and recommendations to new realities.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Stakeholder Process: Our team will be launching this initiative as planned. Soon, we will be finalizing a stakeholder survey, collecting baseline information, and adjusting the format of future workshops as appropriate.

Education and Technical Assistance – Some work paused

  • Energy assessments: All in-person walk-throughs and energy assessments have been paused.
  • Technical analysis: Our staff is available to perform fleet analyses and utility bill analyses upon request.
  • Training and webinars: We are shifting trainings to online formats and looking into expanding our webinar-based training opportunities. Please check our calendar for the most current information.

Financial Assistance – Continuing, with changes

Public Information & Outreach – Some work paused

  • Outreach and events: Our staff have paused in-person outreach and event attendance, while bolstering our attendance at online events and meetings.
  • Public information: We are working to publish additional case studies, such as our SC Energy Success Stories, to showcase energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transportation projects. We will continue to publish our newsletters and update our social media accounts as usual.

Energy Data Collection – Continuing as usual

  • SC Energy Data: We are continuing to collect and publish statewide energy data on our website.
  • COVID-19 data collection: Our staff is coordinating with the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) to determine any additional data collection needs in response to COVID-19.

We wish you and your loved ones good health in this challenging time. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.


The Energy Office team: Anthony, Catherine, Ben, Darcy, Landon, Rick, and Stacey