Atlantic Compact Commission

The Atlantic Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact (formerly the Northeast Compact) was approved by Congress in January 1986. In 2000, South Carolina joined Connecticut and New Jersey as the third member state.

The Compact was formed in response to the Federal Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act, 1980, which invited states to form interstate compacts for the disposal of radioactive waste. The Atlantic Compact regional disposal facility in Barnwell County, South Carolina, will be limited to waste generated within the three-state region beginning July 2008.

Executive Director
M.K. Batavia, P.E.

Elizabeth Partlow
Thomas W. Weeks, South Carolina
Kevin McCarthy, Connecticut
Jill Lipoti, Ph.D., New Jersey

Alternate Commissioners
John F. Clark, Ph.D., South Carolina
Hank Stallworth, South Carolina
Edward L. Wilds, Jr., Ph.D., Connecticut
Paul Bauldauf, P.E., New Jersey