Funding & Incentives

ConserFund Plus

NOTE: AS OF AUGUST 6, 2019, CONSERFUND PLUS FUNDS ARE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. Due to the popularity of the program, all available funds have been disbursed. The program will become available as loans are repaid. Please contact our office with any questions.


Like ConserFund, ConserFund Plus is a revolving loan program, but borrowers can receive 30% of the loan amount as a grant. Like ConserFund, Conserfund Plus loans may be used for energy efficiency retrofits and renewable or alternative energy projects with an appropriate payback.

Because these loans are possible because of public funds designed to reduce energy, projected energy savings must be documented.Therefore, any work begun before the application has a signed loan document will not be covered by the loan.

Unlike ConserFund, ConserFund Plus loans are only available to state agencies, public K-12 schools, and state supported colleges and universities. Non-profit organizations are not eligible for ConserFund Plus loans. In addition, borrowers must adhere to all ARRA requirements, including Davis Bacon and Buy American provisions. Borrowers will be required to execute both a loan agreement and a grant agreement with the Energy Office. 

Please download and save application to your computer BEFORE entering any data.