Funding & Incentives


Energy efficiency projects, depending on their scope, can be expensive undertakings. There is a variety of assistance to help your organization finance an energy efficiency project. The South Carolina Energy Office administers two energy efficiency loan programs, ConserFund and ConserFund Plus, which are meant to help public entities and non-profit organizations with energy-related projects. The Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan (EERL) is administered by the Business Development Corporation and is geared toward private businesses as well as public entities and non-profit organizations which choose to undertake larger projects.
Please be sure you understand the details of each program, as all but ConserFund include requirements to meet Davis-Bacon wage rate and Buy American provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). 
NOTE: AS OF AUGUST 6, 2019, CONSERFUND PLUS FUNDS ARE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. Due to the popularity of the program, all available funds have been disbursed. The program will become available as loans are repaid. Please contact our office with any questions.
Below is a flow chart to help you determine which loan program best fits your needs: