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This page presents maps of electric utility service territories and an interactive map of utilities that service each county in South Carolina.
Electric Utility Service Areas
Use the map to search for the electric utility that serves your area. 
This map and related website materials are for informational and instructional purposes only, and should not be relied upon for actual service territorial boundaries. There are no changes, assignments, alterations, or designations of any service territories and boundaries, both assigned and unassigned, provided by this map and related websites. To the contrary, persons visiting this website and viewing this map are encouraged to consult and to apply all valid and existing laws, statute, ordinances, or regulations in order to determine the actual locations of assigned and unassigned service territories. The State of South Carolina makes no warranty, either express of implied, of any kind related to the operation and content of this map and related website.
Click on the map below and enter your address in the search bar to see which electric utility (-ies) services your area.

Duke Energy                                              

Dominion Energy South Carolina           

Lockhart Power                                           

Municipal Electric Utilities