Public Institutions & Local Governments

Energy Technical Assistance Program

The Energy Office helps public and non-profit organizations identify ways to reduce their energy use and then fund those energy-saving improvements. The Energy Technical Assistance Program (ETAP) provides practical guidance and an action plan for how your organization can reduce costs associated with energy use.

Are you eligible?

Organizations eligible for ETAP include:
  • State Agencies
  • Public Colleges and Universities
  • Technical Schools
  • Public School Districts
  • Local Governments
  • 501(c)(3) Non-Profits
The Energy Office does not provide energy audits for residential customers. For information on how you can be more energy efficient in your home, visit the Residential section of the Energy Office website.

What kind of assistance can ETAP offer?

The Energy Office, through a team of energy specialists, can provide an energy assessment at no cost to eligible organizations. The assessment includes a utility bill data analysis, a walk-through assessment, and funding advisement. An energy assessment report is produced that identifies recommended energy conservation measures along with costs, estimated savings, and simple payback period. Calculations, imagery, and measurements will yield a more detailed analysis for recommended energy-saving measures.
Utility Bill Data Analysis
  • Energy Office staff will chart energy usage, note trends, and indicate areas for improvement.
  • The organization must provide a minimum of 12 months of utility bill information. For a more accurate analysis and benchmarking, at least 24 months is recommended.
  • A weather-normalized energy consumption analysis and a rate schedule analysis will be completed to ensure subscription to the correct utility rate and how to maximize savings using the rate structure.
  • In addition, a fleet analysis can be conducted using up-to-date transportation data.
Walk-Through Assessment
The Energy Office will complete a walk-through that assesses operations and maintenance opportunities. Energy specialists will utilize tools such as data loggers, light level meters, and infrared thermographic cameras. During the walk-through, aspects of the facility will be evaluated. These aspects include, but are not limited to:
  • Lighting
  • Mechanical systems
  • Building envelope
  • Process and plug load
  • Occupancy behavior
  • Renewable energy opportunities
Funding Advisement
Loans, grants, and incentive programs can help organizations fund energy efficiency improvements identified during the ETAP analysis. The Energy Office will help identify funding opportunities, gather data, and put together application materials for funding sources. Funding for public and non-profit organizations is available through the Energy Office’s ConserFund loan and Mini-Grant programs. Programs through utility companies can also offer incentives for energy savings.

Apply for assistance in 3 easy steps!

  1. Fill out the ETAP Application (PDF), indicating which level(s) of assistance you are requesting
  2. Sign the ETAP Application (physical or electronic)
  3. Email the signed application to Rick Campana.
Organizations seeking assistance will be contacted directly to request any follow-up information or to schedule a walk-through assessment.