PCF Celebrates Successful Beginnings with Plug in SC Incentive Program

The Palmetto Clean Fuels (PCF) coalition is an initiative of the Energy Office of the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (Energy Office). Through outreach with PCF stakeholders, it was identified that many consumers are hesitant to purchase electric vehicles (EVs) because they have difficulty locating charging stations. The Plug in SC initiative includes standardized EV signage based on nationally recognized templates. In September 2020, the Energy Office launched the Plug in SC Incentive Program to support the adoption of standardized EV charging station signage and branding.

Through this program, qualifying participants receive EV signage free of charge, so that charging stations are easily identifiable and provide a uniform user experience across the state. The program continues to garner success, with a total of 62 signs being installed at various EV charging stations across the state. Recent participants within the program include Richland County Public Library, University of South Carolina, City of Greenville, City of Rock Hill, Town of Landrum, and others. Many of these entities have also marked the pavement with the Plug in SC logo to increase visibility of EV charging stations.

All of South Carolina’s publicly accessible EV charging stations are eligible to participate in the program. Interested organizations should complete the application and submit to the Energy Office in order to be a part of this growing program for the future of EVs in South Carolina.




First State Agency Procured EV (2020 Chevy Bolt EV) parked at Richland County Public Library DC Fast Charger station. The EV charger is located near downtown Columbia, just two blocks from Main Street.










Plug in SC stencil markings within a City of Greenville parking garage. Level 2 chargers are affixed to the wall. Stations are located adjacent to Main Street and downtown.








City of Newberry celebrates opening their first EV charging station. The station is located adjacent to the downtown county library, opera house, and Main Street.