Renewable Energy

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South Carolina law “encourage(s) the development and use of indigenous, renewable energy resources.” Renewable energy, which includes biomass, wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, and hydrogen derived from renewable sources can mitigate South Carolina’s dependence on imported energy and help meet state air quality goals.

The Energy Office has focused its efforts on developing biomass, solar, and wind energy sectors, although the office is supportive of all economic development related to renewable energy. For additional information, please click on the sources below.

Regulatory Task Force for Coastal Clean Energy

The Regulatory Task Force for Coastal Clean Energy was established as an objective of a 2008 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy titled: The South Carolina Roadmap to Gigawatt-Scale Coastal Clean Energy Generation: Transmission, Regulation & Demonstration. The goal of the grant was to identify and overcome existing barriers for coastal clean energy development for wind, wave and tidal energy projects in South Carolina. Deliverables for the grant included an offshore wind transmission study; a wind, wave & current study; and creation of the Regulatory Task Force.

The mission of the Regulatory Task Force was to determine what regulatory changes might be necessary to accommodate wind, wave and tidal energy development in state waters. The Regulatory Task Force members comprise the full spectrum of state and federal regulatory and resource protection agencies, universities, private industry and utility companies. The Task Force was established in April 2009 and has held regular meetings since that time and has hosted an Offshore Wind Summit. In addition, several studies on the economic aspects of offshore wind development and potential constraints related to the marine environment were funded through the SC Energy Office and overseen in part by the Task Force. The final report of the Task Force, funded studies, and related materials can be accessed below.


February 27, 2014

Meeting Agenda & Minutes
PRESENTATION: Offshore Wind Estimated Economic & Rate Impacts
PRESENTATION: The Value of Offshore Wind

July 8, 2014

Meeting Agenda

December 16, 2014

Meeting Agenda & Minutes
PRESENTATION: Geophysical Mapping & Identification of Paleolandscapes & Shipwrecks Offshore SC
Pawley's Island Wind Resolution
MAP: SC Preliminary Planning Areas
MAP: Wind Study Research Areas