Manufactured Housing Energy Efficiency

In 1992, the South Carolina General Assembly passed legislation designed to increase energy efficiency in manufactured homes sold in the state. South Carolina has two incentive programs to encourage the purchase of more energy-efficient manufactured homes.

Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes Labeling Program

Manufacturers constructing homes that meet specific criteria may request labels from the Energy Office and place the labels on the more energy-efficient homes.
For Manufacturers
For Consumers
Consumers who purchase an energy-efficient manufactured home that has this label are exempt from paying any sales tax in excess of $300. Consumers do not need to apply or provide any information to the Energy Office for this sales tax incentive.

Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes Incentive Program

ENERGY STAR Tax Incentive
Consumers who purchase an eligible ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home can receive a nonrefundable income tax credit equal to $750. This tax incentive is available through July 1, 2024.
Consumers who purchase a manufactured home that meets the criteria should mail the following completed documents to the Energy Office:
  • Completed ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Credit Application
  • A copy of the Bill of Sale
  • A copy of the ENERGY STAR Site Installation Checklist (received from the retailer)
If approved, the approved form and supporting documents will be mailed back to the consumer. The approved form must be submitted with paper tax forms or retained with other tax documents by electronic filers.
100% Sales Tax Exemption
Consumers that have purchased an eligible ENERGY STAR manufactured home will not be charged the $300 sales tax. They may be charged up to $80 for appliances, but the entire $300 sales tax will not be applicable. Buyers of homes that do not meet the energy-efficient criteria would pay an additional two percent in state sales tax. Consumers do not need to apply or provide any information to the Energy Office for this sales tax incentive.