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Integrated Resource Plans
In accordance with S.C. Code Ann. §58-37-40, Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) are prepared by investor-owned electric utilities (IOUs) and the state-owned electric utility, and  required to be submitted to the Energy Office for evaluation and comment. IOUs also are required to submit an IRP to the Public Service Commission (PSC). Once the IRPs are received by the PSC, a docket is established. Interested parties have 30 days to intervene. IRPs must be submitted every three years and updated on an annual basis. The IRPs articulate the utilities’ resource plans for meeting projected customer demand by using economically priced energy and a reliable combination of conventional generation, renewable generation, and DSM/energy efficiency while maintaining system flexibility and considering environmental laws and regulations.
The ORS Energy Office is currently engaged in the preparation of the Plan for State Energy Policy (Energy Plan) in accordance with the provisions of S.C. Code Ann. §48-52-210.  It is anticipated that the contents and conclusions contained in the forthcoming Energy Plan will directly affect ORS’ evaluation of the electric utilities’ IRPs.  The ORS believes that it is impracticable to perform its evaluations of the utilities’ IRPs until the Energy Plan is developed and consequently withholds its comments on the IRPs until that time.

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